Moby-Dick: Finally to Sea

More than 4 hours (and 20-some chapters) into Moby-Dick, and Ishmael is finally setting sail on the Pequod.


Still no Ahab appearance, but Melville has done a remarkable job building him up prior to our first actual sighting -- the ship owners, the "loon" Elijah, former crew members -- and I can't wait.

It's one of the things that worked so well with the Ishmael/Queequag relationship. We heard a lot about Queequag, out hunting heads and all, prior to actually meeting him. And then when Ishamel actually came face to face, he pretended to sleep for what must've been pages and pages, too terrified of the "savage" to alert him to his (Ishmael's) presence.

The next thing you know, they're fast companions.

Okay, not fast as is speed, but rather thick as in thieves.

Anyway, hoping to "meet" Ahab in the coming minutes/pages.

Incidentally, I thought last night that I was a quarter to a third of the way through the book, when I hit chapter 15. Turns out that puts me a third of the way through the FIRST THIRD of the book, which runs to 137 chapters.

So. Settling in. Enjoying it, but settling in!