Moby-Dick: A Half-Cheat

I feel a little bad about this, but I'm going to "read" Moby-Dick via an Audible audiobook.

Events have conspired to make it physically painful to read comfortably for the forthcoming weeks (and maybe months), so I'm going to attack the biggest book on my list and enjoy it as a performance.

It will be a different experience, to be sure, but the actor giving the narration is great (Anthony Heald), and I think I'm getting the jokes and certainly learning alot about period whaling.

It took a while to settle into the rhythm of the prose, the slow, methodical, highly-described scenes. But I think I'm adjusting. Not that I have much choice, having been stranded as I am. (See? Sea voyage jokes already...!)

The Ishamel/Queequag relationship developes beautifully and is a delight to experience.

It's going to be a     L  O  N  G     book. That's quite clear. It's probably good I'm experiencing it this way. Wonder if I'd've made it doing it on paper.... (Not completely sure I'll be able to do it this way! But as I say, not much choice...)