Trailer of the Week: Let Me In

At the risk of alienating any hipster readers out there, I may be the only one who's seen Let the Right One In, the indie Swedish pre-teen vampire hit from 2008, who's actually excited for the American remake.  

Now I've watched a lot of foreign films, and I'm not generally bothered by slow-paced, atmospheric thrillers -- bring it on, Tarkofsky.  And I loved the premise, cinematography, and final 10 minutes of the original film -- but the rest of it had me looking at my watch, wishing for a pillow, and every once in a while rolling my eyes.

It's quite possible that all the problems I had with the original (languid pacing, an evaporating narrative, a artsy vibe that was a bit too in love with itself) will be easy and natural fixes in the U.S. version.  

Here's hoping, anyway: