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As I say on my "About Me" page (fun with links!), this is my third try with a website/blog.  (Well, my fourth, if you count the one I set up and manage for somebody else.)

The first, I made in school and kept until my managers advised me to take it down.  In retrospect it was pretty cheesy.  Very "student."  So I'm glad they had me remove it.

The second was a political blog I wrote during the 2008 primary and general election season.  That one began when my friends got tired of receiving emails from me full of article links and impassioned commentary.  Someone (I honestly can't remember who, can you Ave?) suggested maybe I find a place to pour all that energy and research, and allow interested parties to seek it out, rather than the other way around.

That was a lot of fun... and a LOT of work.  I found that I had to spend so much time reading and posting just to keep up with the whirlwind of that campaign season, that I burned out.  My screenwriting was suffering -- I was trying to hold down a job AND blog AND write movies.  It was just too much.

So what the hell am I doing now?  Good question.  First of all, I've become a big fan of John August's wonderful screenwriting-centric website.  And though I'm not yet in the same category of experience, reputation, or success, I like his approach to engaging not just the world of screenwriting, but also his short stories, directing, and other work.  So there was something of a model.

Second, as I mentioned earlier, I've helped several family member set up their own blogs and sites, and well, frankly I'm jealous.  I want my own again.  

Finally, I'm about to embark on a couple projects that lend themselves to online progress-tracking.  First is my toe-dip into e-publishing through Amazon's Kindle store.  (See my first short story available for download here!)  And then there's my Classic Reads project (which my wife is threatening to rename).  So I think I'll have enough to write about without distracting too much from my "real" work.

After much (or at least some) deliberation, I've decided to jump back in the e-water, and the result is the website you see before you.  It's still under construction, so expect tweaks as I move forward.  But do please check back.  I hope it will be worth your time.