The List: Nominations Closing...

Alright.  My Christmas shoppers are preparing to buy my classic books for next year, so I need to finalize my list in the coming weeks.  Check out my preliminary list here.  And comment below on what works on this list or what I should change...

Crime and Punishment
The Great Gatsby
Anna Karenina
Jane Erye
What Maisie Knew
A Tale of Two Cities
East of Eden
Gone with the Wind
Lord Jim
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
House of Mirth 

My goal is to read and blog ten twelve, with two alternates, in case of emergency.  (I can't count, apparently.)

So what do you think?

(FYI, post Pride and Prejudice I started reading George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones, an epic fantasy light on magic, based on the medieval War of the Roses, that is being made into a series for HBO.  And it's awesome.  Wonderful characters, dark without being bleak, full of realistic intrigue and political maneuverings.  They're huge books -- often 700+ pages -- but I flew through the first one and am just past the halfway point on book two.  A notch or two above garden variety fantasy.  Page turners that consistently surprise and delight.)